Doing your best out of fear

Injustice annoys me. Thoroughly. It makes me lose my cool like nothing else can.

This is one of the reasons I find it so sad that in today’s “modern” world, in “developed” countries, there are still so many people do their best at work not because they are inspired to do so, but rather because they are afraid of reprisal. I heard of a story where a customer service agent was afraid of disappointing customers not because she wanted to do her job right, but because she knew that if there was even a complaint against her, she would be fined. It didn’t matter if the client was being impossible; she had to do whatever she had to do to keep the client happy.

Isn’t it sad that the company destroyed her primary motive of trying to be the best because she loves her job, and that now she tries her best out of fear?

She recently quit her job after an incident involving an aggressive patient. Although many of her colleagues as well as other clients corroborated her story, the company still fined her and was going to put her on probation. Imagine that, being on probation after 5 years of experience because of something that isn’t even your fault.

But my friend is grateful this happened, because the day she quit her job, she left the building and a woman ran into her. My friend fell on the ground and the woman, feeling terrible, stayed to help her pick up her scattered belongings – and, yes you guessed it, lo and behold the woman is a big shot in a law firm who was looking to hire a personal assistant. And, you guessed it again, my friend got the job!

Hurrah for happy endings!

My top ten favorite Youtube videos (for now)

Like any good young adult of the 21st century, I contribute to the cultural phenomenon that is Youtube by spending quality time watching clip after clip. There are many (far too many) terrible videos out there, there are also some pretty amazing ones too. So here are, in no particular order, my top ten favourite Youtube videos (for now).

  • Laughing baby: If you are in need of a good laugh, this is the video for you. No one I know could resist this laugh, and no one I know doesn’t feel compelled to watch it over and over again. It also makes for some pretty good therapy on a bad day!
  • Charlie bit my finger: Another Youtube classic; the story of two brothers, one of which – you guessed it – bit the other’s finger. Don’t worry: there is no blood and gore involved, and no baby or child was hurt during the making of this clip!
  • Miss Teen USA 2007 – South Carolina: It’s been a year and every once in awhile I come back to this video just to try, once again, to figure out what in the world this young lady was trying to say. Although highly entertaining, this video is also a little depressing… Is this really the state of the world we live in?
  • Harry Potter Puppet Pals: Bothering Snape: For all you Harry Potter lovers, here is a little something bound to put a smile on your faces as you eagerly await the next movie to come out!
  • The Evolution of Dance: An absolutely amazing videoclip chronicling the evolution of dance from the 1950s to today. Definitely worth watching, and don’t fastforward!
  • Achmed the dead terrorist: The best standup comedy routine I have seen in a long time, and, when you take them time to dissect it a little bit, a routine with a lot of depth in it, too.
  • Khatereh Yazdanshenas: A Persian Singing Legend: A fantastic fake documentary on a fictious Persian singing legend. Makes fu of Persians in many ways which will amuse and not insult, I promise!
  • Signature – Britain’s Got Talent Semi Final – Michael Jackson: A great act on yet another reality show (I really wonder what they are going to come up with next…)
  • Thriller (choreography done by prisoners of Cebu City prison in the Philippines: An original, inspiring and very entertaining way to help prisoners in a high security facility in the Philippines learn to work together, develop discipline and learn about teamwork.
  • George Carlin – Modern Man: A great monologue on the type of 21st century man George Carlin describes himself to be.