Zimbabwe: the new international let-down scandal?

Something disturbing is yet again happening in Zimbabwe, and I don’t know how to help – at least, not directly.

UK PM: Zimbabwe cholera outbreak is ‘an international emergency’

(CNN) — UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has branded the cholera crisis in Zimbabwe “an international emergency” and called on the world community to confront President Robert Mugabe, leader of the central African nation.

  • Story Highlights
  • UK PM Gordon Brown calls for more to be done about Zimbabwe cholera crisis
  • Cholera has killed more than 600 people in nation hit by hyperinflation, political unrest
  • Condoleezza Rice Friday called on all African nations to “speak up” about crisis
  • UK, U.S. have led international pressure on Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe

This has me wondering; Iraq was invaded on the now proven false assumption that it had weapons of mass destruction. Why can’t we invade Zimbabwe on the knowledge that Mugabe is destroying the lives of millions of Zimbabweans?

The resurgence of an old obsession: Welcome back, Harry!

It seems like the month of December isn’t just ushering in cold winds from the North (can’t Santa stop being so generous and keep those winds for himself?), but also a whole slew of obsessions. From the avid Twilight fans that seem to wait for me at every street corner to my personal obsession with trying to understand the phenomena that is Edward Cullen, the snow that is threatening to fall on us is encouraging many to turn to ‘inside’ entertainment – old movies, books, magazines, board games etc. The joy of a sprained ankle has allowed me to spend some quality time with some of my favourite titles; inspired by the continuous comparison of Twilight to Harry Potter, I decided to take out all my HP books and have taken a lovely stroll down HP lane.

Apparently I’m not the only one a little miffed about the undeserving shadow Twilight has cast on Harry Potter: let’s hear what Daniel Radcliffe had to say about it.