From a Whack-A-Mole to a Three-Headed Dog: The Insistent Self is a Tough Beast to Overcome

I have been participating as a tutor in a Ruhi Book 5 study circle for over a month now. The book, Releasing the Power of Junior Youth, is a study in who we would want to be as youth/what kind of youth we would want the junior youth we are serving as animators to become, who the junior youth are and some ways of accompanying them to release their spiritual powers, powers that are inherent to all of humanity. One vital aspect of spiritual empowerment is to learn to control one’s insistent self.

During the study circle, one participant and I thoroughly enjoyed the imagery of the insistent self as a mole that keeps popping up and that we must continually whack down. But however much that image still makes me smile, and however much I relate to it (seeing the years I have been trying to whack my ego in place!), I have come to realize that perhaps one of the reasons for my inability to better control my ego is exactly because of this idea: that only violently the ego can be put in its place.

But perhaps a better image can be found in the Harry Potter series. What if the ego is like the three headed dog, rearing its heads and blocking us from our very own Chamber? If we learn to play the music of God’s Word, translating It into action, the dogs will be put to sleep and we will be successful in attaining that innermost Chamber, in which we will find God shining within us.